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Mayan Horoscope

Sample Horoscope

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A Maya Horoscope is a reading centered around a person's birth date in the sacred Maya Tzolkin calendar. Take a look at the sample Maya Horoscope to the left. The center glyph (in this case 7 Noj) is the birthday glyph. A Maya Horoscope does not tell a person exactly what will happen to them in the future. It's deeper than that. A Maya Horoscope gives a person sacred information about strengths and weaknesses of character of either themselves, friends, acquaintances, family or loved ones. The information a person receives in their Maya Horoscope should not give them a sense of entitlement or self celebration but it should give the seeker information to what he or she can possibly live up to if they choose to do so.

Get Your Horoscope is your definitive web portal to an authentic Maya Horoscope experience. Even though you have a large choice on the web for Maya Horoscopes, be aware that these offerings can and usually are riddled with faulty and inaccurate information. was founded by Maya Priests that have the spiritual authority to present this wisdom to you. For a small fee, you will have a resource that you can draw from that will last a life time. Please keep in mind that in Maya tradition, payment for passing on knowledge and wisdom is not only welcomed but also expected.